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Because sometimes once is not enough to make an impression. Dynamic interstitials are additional inserts that appear every time the reader launches the app. Not bound by placement, your ad will appear wherever and whenever readers pick up where they left off. Opt for a static ad that communicates your message in a direct manner, or HTML5 to engage readers as part of their reading experience.

You can either choose to submit an HTML or Static Creative, kindly refer to the respective Ad spec below:

File Size Max 5MB
Other Requirements Creatives must be HTML-based either responsive or adaptive design.
For creatives to fit proportionately, do ensure that your creatives fit in both landscape and portrait orientations. As the Android OS is used on a wide range of devices, do double check your creative on your preferred device on your end.
It is the designer’s responsibility to ensure that all creatives display accurately on devices’ browsers before submission to us. Further checks will be carried out on our end, but do note that there might be discrepancies.
Android – swiping function may not work well on Android devices.
3rd party tracker is not allowed within the creative.
Additional costs apply for event tracking.
Lead Time 5 working days
For Static Creative (non-HTML)
Format JPEG format, 72dpi, RGB
File Size 300KB
Dimension Portrait (3:4)
Up to a max of 2048px (height) by 1536 px (width), min dimension is 1200px (height) by 900px (width)
Landscape (4:3)
Up to a max of 2048px (width) by 1536 px (height), min dimension is 1200 (width) by 900px (height)
Other Requirements Android – swiping function may not work well on Android devices
3rd party tracker is not allowed within the creative
Additional costs apply for event tracking

Interstitials can be created in these formats:

With Video, your consumer’s viewership, watch time and engagement will definitely increase as Video have always been known to have a high recall power.

Microsites are a full site extension of a marketing campaign housed under our networks. In most cases, they help to increase the interactivity between the reader and the brand owner with creative elements such as product highlights, QnA, surveys etc.

Engage readers through game format and test their knowledge on your product/ service. This interactivity helps to sustain readers’ attention span to better bring across your marketing messages.

Using form as a platform to connect interested readers to advertisers can keep readers in the loop with the brand's future marketing campaigns.