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Engage your audience with a visually appealing Special Booklet Edition, a standalone booklet from the magazine title of your choice.

This Special Booklet Edition acts as a unique, attractive catalogue for your products and services, so you get to garner more eyeballs and stretch your marketing dollar.

Ad Specifications
All files received will be assumed as final and have been thoroughly checked by the advertiser. We will be unable to accommodate editorial changes after the file is submitted, which includes any changes to pagination.
Pages Pages have to be in a single page, stitched into a PDF as per pagination. The maximum file size should not exceed 150MB, and the PDF file should end with an even page number.
Cropping All pages must be cropped and trimmed to final trim size, and there should be no visible crop marks.
Text PDFs must be in a non-flattened format containing properly embedded fonts for all text.
Graphics - Raster All raster images must be at 150dpi, RGB, JPEG compression setting should be medium or high quality (with no placeholders). Crossover images must match across the gutter (no doubling of images for gutter allowance).
Auto-linking of website URL or email address Please ensure the URL is all in lower case without spacing or breaks, for example,https://www.google.com, www.google.com or david@gmail.com.sg.
Graphics - Vector A default Call-To-Action button “Find Out More” will be added onto the video by us.