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With the human interest and intrigue of TV advertising, Video Interstitials will enable advertisers to adequately convey higher eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions) by offering them with more screen estate.

Format MP4 format
File Size Max 5MB,  with 1280 (width) x 720 (height) being most highly recommended.
Video Duration Max 60 sec
Dimension Logo: 200px (width) by 400px (height) or High-Resolution Logo
Default Background Image in static JPG or Gif (no animation), not more than 60kb each
1200 pixels (width) by 900 pixels (height).
900 pixels (width) by 1200 pixels (height).
Other Requirements A default Call-To-Action button “Find Out More” will be added onto the video by us.
Links allowed Only ONE URL
Lead Time 5 working days