Bundle package with Dynamic Skinning.

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Dynamic Skinning (Click on the image for larger illustration)

For file size, dimension, animation duration and other general specifications, kindly refer to respective Ad spec.

File Format HTML5 Banner, including HTML, Javascript, CSS and all images.
SSL Compatibility HTML5 creatives must be SSL compatible to be served on HTTPS sites.
Dimension Full canvas: 1308 pixels (width) by 736 pixels (height)
Top: 375 pixels (width) by 65 pixels (height)
Right sides: 55 pixels (width) by 568 pixels (height)
Other Requirements For top side of skin.
Do keep all important messages within 320(w) x 65(h) pixels to ensure maximum visibility.
Ad Serving Environment Sizmek will be used by default.
For other Ad serving system, please send us the 3rd party Ad Tag (in HTTPS).
File type Please refer to https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2672512
Animation (if applicable) Max. 15sec; NO looping allowed.
Links allowed Only ONE URL
Video (if applicable) Duration: Max. length 30 sec
File Size: Max. 2MB (Video file only)
Format: MP4 H.264
Control buttons (Play, Pause, Stop): To be placed on ALL frames of the ad
Sound (if applicable) “Audio ON/OFF” Button to be clearly labelled with Sound OFF by default.
Buttons to be positioned on ALL frames of the ad.
Lead Time (For Pure Media Buy) 7 working days prior to broadcast.
YP226 Gardens By The Bay S1008 Singsaver Mar18
YP225 StarCruise YP205 PicoPixel EvianKids
IO2945 Samsung Galaxy Note9 IO2963 LG OLED