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What’s this?
Feed us with information please! We can automatically pull new information (promotion, latest product launches etc) from advertisers’ RSS feeds and post them under their brand name account and preferred forum.

The benefits
With this service, potential customers can get regular content updates of an advertiser’s business and promotions.

Preferred Username Provided by Client.
All posts will be posted under this username.
Subject to availability.
Email Address Provided by Client.
Preferred username will be registered with this email address.
Website URL Provided by Client.
Preferred username will have this website shown under user profile.
User Avatar Dimension: 120 pixels (width) by 120 pixels (height)
File Size (JPEG/GIF): 15kb
RSS Feed Provided by Client.
RSS Feed Document Structure has to conform to our requirements.
Non-compliant feeds have to be revised by Client Download Technical Documentation of Feed.
Forums Availability To check with Account Manager.
Lead Time (For Pure Media Buy) 3 working days prior to broadcast for Pure Media Buy only.
Disclaimers & Notes:
1. Any element NOT meeting the stated specifications will be returned for revision; in which case, there might be a possible delay in the expected launch date.
2. All ad specifications stated indicate the maximum file size allowed. Exceeding the allowed limit stated might incur additional charges.
3. Publisher reserves the right to reject any creatives that do not adhere to the specifications stated.
4. Submission of creatives should adhere strictly to the lead time stated. Any delay might result in a possible delay in the expected launch date.
5. The above specifications may be modified at the Publisher’s discretion at any time.