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The benefits
Desktop Transitional Ad have the ability to capture viewers’ attentions because advertisers have the liberty to exhibit their creativity before the viewers proceed to the site content, hence making Desktop Transitional Ads more interesting and to leave a deeper impression for viewers and result in greater branding effect.

File Format JPG, GIF, PNG
Dimension 1366 pixels (width) by 624 pixels (height).
File Size 500kb
Video (if applicable) Maximum Duration: 30 secs
File Type: Mp4
Ratio: 16:9 (Video must fill full screen, no black bars)Encode the video file in the H.264 codec

  • Export your video file in 854×480 px (16:9) aspect ratio for vertical videos
  • The maximum video file size supported is 8 megabytes

Video/Backup image: Follows the dimension of the video given;
Video/Backup image can be positioned anywhere within the 1336x624px space;
Only applicable for transitional ads (video);

Video file size Max. 3MB
Lead Time (For Pure Media Buy) 5 working days prior to broadcast.
6 working days prior to broadcast for ads with video or with any special requirements.

* Close button will be provided by SPH
* 3rd party impression and click tracking allowed (Only 1 impression tracker and 1 click tracker for 1 creative set)


  1. Production of creative done by client.
    • Client to submit ad creative for scheduling minimum 5 working days prior to campaign start date
    • Template will be provided to client (if necessary)
  2. Production of creative done by SPH.
    • Client to provide the source files (as stated in the table) in JPG/PSD/AI format to SPH, minimum 10 working days prior to campaign start date.
    • Up to 3 round of changes. Final changes need to be confirmed not later than 3 working day prior to campaign start date.
    • Only one creative set allowed
  3. No animation limit for animated transitional ad